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We only support fully-underwritten-intermediated insurance brands and our membership is only available to authorised representatives of their brands.


The Value of

Financial Advisors

A financial advisor can: help you to assess and manage your risks, and provide advice on financial solutions appropriate for your needs;  help you to arrange, acquire and maintain insurance; and; act as your advocate in settlement of any claim that may be made by you under your insurance.

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The service is for high end customer that have insurance needs that require a broker. 

What we offer :

  • Customised solutions to meet your changing needs
  • Profiled and verified brokers you can trust
  • Regular reviews of performance based on customer feedback
  • 24/7 access to your online portal
  • No hassle switching from your current provider

Built for Financial Advisors

We only deal with certified and approved financial services advisors the approach is only to confirm interest with established service providers 

Be in instant touch customers, current or new.

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Reduce wastage, see more customers.